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Call for Comments: Creating an International Society for the Barcode of Life (ISBOL)

Dear Barcoding Colleagues,

This message invites all members of the DNA barcoding community to participate in an online discussion about the possible of an international coordinating organization for DNA Barcoding.  This possibility was the subject of a pre-Conference workshop (Monday, 17 August) at the Sixth International Barcode Conference that is taking place in Guelph.  The workshop continued the discussion of the Kunming Declaration which was signed at the previous conference, the 5th International BOL Conference in Kunming, China. At the Monday workshop, participants discussed possible next steps in the development of a coordinating organization. The workshop concluded with strong agreement to open this discussion for input by the barcoding community. 

A summary document has been posted in a new Discussion on Connect and we invite you to read the document, post your comments on it, and participate in the online discussions about the document, the concept, and several issues related to creating an international society for barcoding. 

DeZhu Li, David Castle, Robert Hanner and Pete Hollingsworth, authors of the Kunming Declaration

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Comment by Parani Madasamy on August 20, 2015 at 3:29pm

National chapters may be formed in different countries and linked to international society for promoting DNA barcoding activities in individual countries. 

Apart from different types of members, there can be fellows of the society


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