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Please use this space to discuss primers and protocols. To start things off, here are the most up-to-date plant barcoding protocols as downloaded from the CBOL Plant Working Group website on 24 November, 2009.

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attached is one of our basic CTAB Plant DNA extraction protocols at the Smithsonian's LAB - cross posting with another group.


does anyone has a good protocol for species complex delimitation??
Hi Paulo,

we made a trial of examining different DNA extraction protocols/kits throughout different plant groups - the Machery & Nagel Nucleo Spin Plant II kit worked best for routine applications. Highest yields always were received by CTAB, however, the DNA is quite dirty, often causing problems for subsequent applications. Purification after DNA isolation cannot be recommended as you loose too much DNA and the quality is not much better afterwards.

We are looking into possibilities for generating barcode data from 3500 Indonesian plant species and we are considering sending our samples out for DNA extracting and sequencing.

Does anyone have suggestions for service labs who could help us?

Also, if we were to do the work in Indonesia, I want to move to a kit that uses column-based extraction rather than phenol-chloroform protocol. DO people have suggestions for kits that are good for a wide range of species? I usually use Qiagen, but they are on the expensive side.

Thanks so much, Gill (cross posted with Lab Operations).

Hi there Gillian, I am at the University of Waikato in New Zealand and our facility is very good. I am using ITS and a number of cpDNA markers with good results.


We have switched to MoBio kits (I think) - better results on dried leaves and cheaper than Qiagen, at least in our experience. Will confirm and get back to you.

Hi Chrissen - thanks for the reply.

I took a look at the sequencing facility, thanks.

I'd be glad to hear what kit you are using - I had a small samples of that kit but it was hard to determine how it compared to Qiagen with just a few extractions.

Thanks very much!


Hi again, it is a BioLine plant isolation kit - we are getting fabulous results.

Sadly our DNA sequencing Unit can't take overseas samples just now...but are looking at getting the permits again to do so.

Great, I will check it out. I do like BioLine products.

What plants families are you working on? We have a barcoding project which has a real range of families so we need something that works across the board.


Hi there, not sure if my reply made it through??? Pittosporaceae, Lauraceaea, Winteraceae and others :-)


No, it didn't get through - but now i have seen it :) interesting to know what groups you work on, thanks!

I'm Dhivya
My work is Authentication of Indian Medicinal Herbal Products which are in the form of Churnas, Capsules, Leghyam etc. This work is performed to identify the medicinal plants from their adulterants to ensure the safety and efficacy of the drugs.

Im in need of a DNA ISOLATION Protocol by which i can isolate the DNA from the dried parts of the plant tissue, from the processed medicinal preparations like Churnas, Leghyam Capsules etc., Please help me in this regard.




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