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Species Identification Using Part of DNA Sequence: Evidence from Machine Learning Algorithms

Hi All, If you are interested in the discussion title, please find below a link for my publication, also another copy attached. http://dl.…

Started by Taha Alhersh

2 Apr 4, 2017
Reply by Taha Alhersh

Assessing the effects of primer specificity on eliminating numt coamplification in DNA barcoding: a case study from Orthoptera (Arthropoda: Insecta)

Date: Jan 3, 2010 Pub: Molecular Ecology Resources. 10(4) 615-627 Author(s): Moulton, M.J., Song, H., & Whiting, M.F. PDF Attached.…

Started by Matthew Sileo

1 Jul 8, 2013
Reply by Ashish Desai

Do parasites really "lag" behind their hosts' speciation rates? NO. Find out why in the next link

Started by Hugo Mejia-Madrid

1 Apr 16, 2012
Reply by Hugo Mejia-Madrid

Myth of the molecule: DNA barcodes for species cannot replace morphology for identification and classification

Date: Feb 01, 2004 Pub: Cladistics. 20(1) 47-55 Author(s): Kipling W. Will and Daniel Rubinoff Abstract: So-called DNA barcodes have rece…

Started by Matthew Sileo

1 Jan 26, 2012
Reply by Keith Rennolls

The promise of a DNA taxonomy

Date: Apr 01, 2004 Pub: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. 359(1444) 669-679 Author(s): Blaxter, M.L. PDF Attached. Abstract…

Started by Matthew Sileo

1 Jan 26, 2012
Reply by Keith Rennolls

Misidentification of OLGA-PH-J/92, believed to be the only crustacean cell line

Date: 22 September 2011 Pub: The Society for In Vitro Biology Author(s): Lee, L.E.J.; Bufalino, M.R.; Christie, A.E.; Frischer, M.E.; Soi…

Started by InfoBot

0 Dec 14, 2011

Molecular and morphological characterisation of Pseudococcidae surveyed on crops and ornamental plants in Spain.

Date: 10 Oct 2011   Pub: Bulletin of Entomological Research   Author(s): Beltrà A, Soto A, Malausa T.   Abstract:  Mealybugs (Hemiptera: Ps…

Started by InfoBot

0 Dec 14, 2011

Endnote file with most DNA barcoding publications

I am posting a Endnote file with most of the DNA Barcoding publications to date (~1000). Maybe some find this helpful. It is certainly not…

Started by Dirk Steinke

3 Oct 11, 2011
Reply by Haslawati Baharuddin

DNAbarcoding of endangered Indian Paphiopedilum species

Date: 22 Sep 2011   Pub: Molecular Ecology Resources (2011)   Author(s): Iffat Parveen, Hemant K. Singh, Saurabh Raghuvanshi, Udai C. Pradh…

Started by Emily Hunter

0 Sep 29, 2011

Joining Inventory by Parataxonomists with DNA Barcoding of a Large Complex Tropical Conserved Wildland in Northwestern Costa Rica

Date: August 2011   Pub: PLoS ONE, 6(8)   Author(s): Daniel H. Janzen, Winnie Hallwachs   Abstract: Background: The many components of cons…

Started by Emily Hunter

0 Sep 1, 2011



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