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Welcome to Connect, the DNA Barcoder community network! We hope this network will be a place for communication and collaboration on a globa…

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An International Organization for the Barcode of Life

Join the discussion on establishing an international organization for the Barcode of Life.

3 Aug 21, 2015
Reply by Sribash Roy


Come Connect with your fellow barcoders! Introduce yourself, look for collaborators or like-minded fellows, or simply carry on a general discussion.

43 Apr 4, 2017
Barcoding for dummies
by Veronique Bourdon


Get information on job and funding opportunities and post announcements of opportunities for the global DNA barcoding community to see.

2 May 28, 2015
Reply by Chukwuma Emmanuel

Field Procedures

Working in the field means getting collecting permits, sampling tissue, preserving samples, and other steps to begin the Barcoding Pipeline. Post your questions and discuss best practices for barcoding-related fieldwork.

2 May 9, 2011
Reply by Amol Bharat Ghodke

Lab Procedures

Tissue sampling, DNA extraction, sequencing and other steps in the Barcoding Pipeline. Discuss hurdles, workarounds, best practices and the unique methods your lab’s employed to make this work.

37 Nov 21, 2015
Reply by Deepak Chettri


The BARCODE data standard, data capture and management, uploading data to BOLD, data checking and curation, and data analysis. Post your questions here about anything related to DNA barcode data and their management, analysis and interpretation.

20 Jul 22, 2014
BOLD Project
by Anton Ramas

Application-based Barcoding

If you’re interested in the application of barcoding to socio-economic challenges (e.g., conservation, food security, and controlling pest, invasive, and disease vector species), post your questions and discuss issues here.

3 Dec 4, 2012
Reply by Satendra Kumar

Habitat-based Barcoding

Discuss projects, problems, and opportunities related to using barcoding to survey the biota of specific habitats (e.g., marine, terrestrial, freshwater).

1 Apr 1, 2011
Did temporary environment factors alteration vary gene make up??
by Dr. Mustafa S. Faddagh

Region-based Barcoding

Barcoding projects and barcoders of specific geographic regions

4 Feb 22, 2015
Reply by Kamraj Chalak

Taxon-based Barcoding

Share your questions, problems, and tips for barcoding a specific taxonomic group

15 Oct 24, 2014
DNA barcoding
by soheila Harat


DNA barcoding is growing beyond the research lab into the education domain. It’s improving formal classroom education (curriculum, teacher training) and informal science ed (online, museums, field projects). Discuss your education activities here!

1 Feb 16, 2017
Marine biofilters - source of larval barcode samples from marine realmn
by Prasanna Kumar

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Reviewing the latest published work in the field. Members are encouraged to add their own finds, or annotate those we've already listed with links to the publication itself or other assorted data.

586 Apr 4, 2017
Reply by Taha Alhersh


You've shared these talks with various scientific meetings, now share them with the Connect community.

1 Aug 16, 2013

Using Connect

Discuss the mechanics of the Connect community itself—report problems, provide feedback, get help, request a new feature or just brush up with handy tips and tricks.

6 Mar 13, 2016
Reply by Muhammad Tayyib Naseem

Third International Barcode of Life Conference, Mexico City

Documents, presentations, and other content from the November 2009 Mexico City Barcode Conference will be posted here. Please add your comments and questions!

36 May 14, 2010
by InfoBot

Fourth International Barcode of Life Conference, Adelaide

Documents, presentations, and other content from the November 2011 Adelaide Barcode Conference will be posted here. Please add your comments and questions!

5 Jan 5, 2012
Reply by Slava Ivanenko



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